Saudi Arabia

Barbaric Saudis from sword to saw


A primitive, alien-to-civilization mafia rules Saudi Arabia that has recently changed its tool of barbarity from sword to saw, said Iran’s representative at the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee in response to the Saudi representative’s speech.

‘A shred of decency should have made Saudis keep quiet and not lecture Iranians on human rights. However, seeking decency in the barbaric Saudi that has recently changed its tool of choice from sword to saw has proven to be unrealistic,’ said Mohammadi Hassaninejad in response to Abdullah Al Moallemi.

Saying that the Saudis kill any chance for democracy in the Middle East and the human rights and democracy are the biggest enemies of Saudi corrupt rulers, Hassaninejad said, ‘A government that considers a bus full of students as a legitimate target can only resemble one evil, ISIS,’ which is actually ‘an offshoot of Saudi extremism.’

‘ISIS TAKE CHILDREN HOSTAGE IN SYRIA AND ITS MENTOR Saudi KILLS THEM IN Yemen: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!’

Regarding the similarities between the two villainous entities, he said that only ISIS and Saudis ‘can call a bus full of students a legitimate target’, ‘behead peaceful opponents’, ‘find their strength in stirring sectarianism’, ‘can call everyone not thinking similar to them infidel’, ‘wipe out what has left from other traditions and cultures and call them heretic’.

And that’s because they are coming from the same mindset: ‘Saudi born Wahhabism have nurtured Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and the rest of the major terror groups around the world.’

Saying that it shouldn’t be surprising that all of these terrorists groups ‘received logistical, political and financial support from Saudis’, he added, ‘Isn’t it expressive enough that ISIS educated its people in rank with books authored by the founder of Saudi takfiri school of thought?’

‘Saudi is nothing but a well-documented repressive bully, a primitive tribal mafia, a corrupt oligarchy that is currently committing genocide in Yemen and repressing hopes for human rights and democracy in the whole region.’

He reminisced the last year meeting in which Iran ‘welcomed Saudi to civilization’ because they had finally ‘allowed women to sit behind the wheels’.

‘Now that the women who called for that basic right are sitting behind the bars instead of the wheels that congratulatory remark seems to be premature. It looks premature as Saudi bombs bus full of students and shamelessly calls it a legitimate target. It looks premature as Saudi brutally butchers renowned journalists and peaceful critics. It looks premature as a simple harmless tweet [from Canada] receives a vicious backlash. It looks premature as peaceful dissidents are still facing beheading. So I have to withdraw that congratulatory statement. The primitive mafia that rules Saudi is alien to civilization.’

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