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Behind-the-scenes of NSA surveillance


Most Americans and others worldwide naively assume that the National Security Agency (NSA) scandal represents an excess of zeal in attempting to track down domestic terrorists who want to attack targets in America. What they do not appreciate is:

(a) that terrorist activity in the US is virtually non-existent, as a recent report by a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence has officially confirmed;

(b) that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been faking attacks (such as Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing) to create the false impression that the threat is real, since otherwise no one would believe it; where

(c) the real purpose of this massive surveillance is to identify Americans who would have the courage and resolution to oppose the complete transformation of America into a fascistic military/police state, which is in the offing.

Fear and Fusion in America

A subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence released a report on 3 October 2012, in which it explained that, after surveying 680 “fusion center” reports from 2009-2010, it had discovered that there were no indications of any terrorist activity: NONE. ZILCH. NADA. NOT ONE!

This information, however, has been bottled up by the mainstream press, where neither I nor anyone else I know has heard anything from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX or even PBS about this rather stunning development. After all, if the public knew, it might be wary of spending billions on unnecessary anti-terrorist enterprises.

Fraud and Fakery in Terrorism

As a form of compensation and to maintain the illusion that terrorism is a real problem about which you can read on the front page, the DHS has organized and conducted a series of drills that “went live,” which was precisely as planned, most recently in Sandy Hook and at the Boston marathon. These were staged events whose participants included many who were naive about them but also actual actors.

The absence of numerous emergency medical technicians (EMTs)’ presence at Sandy Hook rushing those little bodies to hospitals where they could be determined to be dead or alive is one indication. And what parent would allow the body of their young child to be left at the scene of a massacre, only to be removed from the site in the dead of night with no one to witness it?

The DHS admits its complicity

The DHS has even acknowledged that the Boston bombing was planned months in advance of the marathon. It claims that the plan was to conduct “a training exercise” that was centered around a fictitious terrorist faction called “Free America Citizens,” which would plant backpacks full of explosives that detectives would be forced to track down.

According to this fantastic tale, “the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion.” I am reminded of the training drill conducted by the Pentagon about a year before 9/11, in which a simulation was done of the building being hit by a Boeing 757 – “frighteningly similar” to what would allegedly occur, one of myriad indications that 9/11 was itself a fabricated event.

The black backpack with the white square insignia

These claims are obviously feigned to cover-up the exposure that these staged events have received. The Boston bombing was exposed by the alternative media by the evening of its occurrence, during which time the perps – Craft International personnel wearing khaki trousers and black jackets with distinctive baseball caps that had a skull insignia – had been identified.

Some of them were wearing black backpacks, one of which had a white square insignia. One of the two that exploded had a white square insignia – and the man who had worn it was photographed rushing away without his backpack. The younger brother was also photographed but wearing a backpack that did not resemble either of those that blew up.

The FBI sends out a stooge to deceive the public

The alternative media was so quick to solve the case that the FBI had to send out a stooge to say, “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!” He insisted that only the two photographs he presented should be studied – as though they had done an exhaustive search of everyone in every other photo and eliminated them for consideration.

The two photos were of the two brothers, where the FBI asked the public for its assistance in identifying them. This was a hoax within a hoax, however, since the FBI had had them under surveillance for at least five years and already knew their identity. If there has even been a more obvious “false flag” operation, I can’t imagine what it would be.

Parallels with the London 7/7 tube attacks

There are parallels here with the London 7/7 tube attacks, where bombs were set off in three subway trains and blamed on four young Muslims, but where Nicholas Kollerstrom, the author of Terror on the Tube, discovered that the alleged assailants could not have been involved because they missed the subway from Luton, which had been cancelled that day. They missed their appointment with destiny.

Those attacks just happened to coincide with an anti-terrorism drill that was planned for that very day involving the same tube stops. If anyone doubts what I am explaining, see the brilliant video study, “7/7 Ripple Effect,” which documents every step from the planning to the execution of this fantastic travesty, showing that most of the British public is just as gullible as the American.

Anti-gun “psy ops” and vitiating Posse Comitatus

Since we know that any real domestic terrorist activity is virtually non-existent and that these apparent attacks are faked or staged, the question becomes why the DHS has conducted them. Sandy Hook appears to have been a huge hoax and anti-gun “psy-op”, which members claiming to have lost children have been promoting with the greatest zeal.

The Boston bombing appears to have had a complementary objective, namely, creating a situation where military force was in the streets of a major American city in a blatant violation of Posse Comitatus, a statute passed in 1878 forbidding the use of military force to perform police functions. They were both planned to weaken the ability of the American public to resist the imposition of a police state in the tradition of the Nazis and the Soviets prior to World War II.

The real reason for massive NSA surveillance

The DHS has acquired two billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow-point ammunition that is not even permissible for use in combat under the Hague Convention of 1899. It has also obtained 2,700 light tanks and 7,000 assault rifles. It has made special arrangements with funeral homes and mortuaries in case there should be an excess of casualties beyond the capacities of hospitals to handle.

The real purpose of this massive surveillance is that all that stands behind the DHS and the imposition of a fascistic military/police state is 100,000,000 armed Americans. This sweeping and detailed spy-op is intended to identify which of those would be willing to stand up and place their lives in jeopardy for the sake of freedom and democracy. At last count, the number was 8,000,000. This is serious stuff and the DHS isn’t taking any chances.

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