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Belaid Assassination Another Western Powers False Flag Operation

img_606X341_0902-belaid-funeral-rage-unrest-tunisia (1)Tunisia may be the smallest North African country, but it is the first wave of the Islamic Awakening and Revolution movements in the region since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. The uprising were sparked in the country by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on 17 December 2010 and led to the ousting of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali 28 days later on 14 January 2011, when he officially resigned after fleeing to Saudi Arabia, ending 23 years in power.
Following dictator Ben Ali’s departure, a state of emergency was declared. A caretaker coalition government was also created. The elections for the Constituent Assembly were held on 23 October 2011 and the Islamist Ennahda Party won the plurality of seats. Moncef Marzouki was chosen as the new President by the elected members of a new constitutional assembly in December, 2011. Annahda formed a coalition government in the same year. Annahda led coaliton ruled the country without faced a huge social and political unrests until the assassination of the head of the leftist opposition party, Shokri Belaid, after leaving his home in the capital of Tunis on February 6.
Shokri Belaid’s assassination has dragged the North African country into a deep political crisis. After his assassination protests erupted across the nation and the headquarters of the Ennahda party were attacked in more than a dozen cities. Ten thousands anti-government protesters took to the streets of the Tunisian capital for the funeral of the slain opposition figure. Country’s main airport was closed amid a general strike called by the General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT) to protest the murder of Belaid. Belaid was a lawyer and critic of the Salafis movement in the country.
Extremist Salafis in Tunisia has emerged as the resource of the social unrests and intolerance to other social fractions, movements, groups. Salafi-Takfiri groups have even no tolerance for other Islamic movements and thoughts. Their intolerance reactions and violence also disturbed the Tunisian society especially secular groups. After dictator Ben Ali governments ongoing for decades hostility to Islam and Islamic life – such as headscarf ban even in the streets- the Salafis do the same hostility to secular groups. Salafi-takfiri movement is a small one in the country but they take advantage of Islamist Annahda government to their Islamic-looking violence against the community. And their violence also cost to Annahda party. Annahda could not seperate itself from Salafis explicitly. Annahda and Salafis unclear mutual positions to cause false perception in the society. Because of the this perception, the leftist movements in the country believe not only Salafi-Takfiri movement is responsible for Belaid assassination but also Annahda government.
Salafi-Takfiri movements are the achilles heel of the all Islamic World. Their intolerence, uncompromising, takfiri and Jihadist Islamic belief to cause them to isolate from the society. They exclude the all “others”, so they are actually excluded themselves from the society. Their hostility to Islamic societies make themselves as an ideal group to exploit for the plots of the enemies of Islam. And of course the enemies of Islam –especially zionist Israel and Great Satan America- do not miss the opportunities for their evil plots. Great Satan US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq thanks to Salafi Al-Qaeda terror organisation. Salafis are the main foreign terrorist groups fight against the Syrian Government. Syria is the vital ring of the resistance chain against the zionist regime. Salafis-Takfiris are the sole social base of the Western-backed Saudi Dynasty. They are the main obstacle for unity in Iraq and they turn the country into caos. They attack, bomb and kill the Shii Muslims in Pakistan. Their armed groups in Mali are the legitimate reason for France to invade the country and kill the civilians. (Their treacherous acts are not limited with these countries and we can continue to give the examples from the other Islamic countries and regions.)
It is understood that the Salafi- Takfiri groups are used to create unrest in Tunisia by western powers. What makes Tunisia important for western Powers. Does Tunisa have rich ground and underground resources? No. Does Tunisia have a strategic location in the region? No. But Tunisia is the first country to experience the Arap Spring. Tunisia is the first Arabic country toppled a dictator government. Tunisia is the first wave of the Arabic countries’ revolutions. So it is experience are important for other regional countries. If it achieves the goals of the revolution it will be role model for other countries. But if it fails to achieve the goals of the revolution, it wil be demoralize example for others.
Tunisian people with all groups must be vigilant against the enemies plots such as Salafi-Takfiri groups. They need unity, tolerance, solidarity and cooperation with each other. At this stage Islamic Revolution in Iran is an unique example of success with its huge experience treasure against the enemies plots. Tunisian people could learn how to achieve unity, solidarity, victory against the enemy from the experience of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

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