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Berri: Fight against Resistance Arms Useless, No One Can Obliterate Army-People-Resistance Triangle

The coming government is being studied, and does not face any unsolvable problems,” Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri told As-Safir Lebanese daily.
Speaker Nabih Berri denied that the March 8 forces were rejecting to give President Michel Suleiman shares in the government, saying “No one, including (FPM leader) Michel Aoun is rejecting to give President Suleiman a share,” Berri said adding “However, there are (different) point of views on the type” of shares.

On another note, Berri stressed that the “battle” some have launched against the resistance arms is useless and has no political or national horizon. He considered “A non-sectarian state would sanctify the resistance. But in Lebanon, the ugly sectarianism is controlling the stances and interests of some parties.”

Also, Berri underscored the “dangers of the connivance taking place abroad, while some are igniting incitement on the inside, such as what PM Mikati revealed concerning some parties that wanted the issuance of a new resolution under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter against Lebanon.”
The Lebanese Speaker praised the protests of young Lebanese who demanded the collapse of the sectarian regime saying “We all sail in a ship of which sectarianism has caused holes, and the ship starts to sink slowly, therefore the move of the Lebanese youth is just like a lifeboat that aims at rescuing the country and the people.”

In another interview with Al Jumhuriya newspaper, Berri, in the same context added “There is no future to this country unless sectarianism is canceled. I have stressed several times that the problem in this country is sectarianism, and I have called on annulling sectarianism by applying article 95 of the constitution which stipulates that a national committee be formed and that political sectarianism be canceled.

Concerning the March 14 slogans on the resistance arms, Berri said “the March 14 movement has no horizon, noting that they aim at preparing an international resolution that puts Lebanon under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.

As for the government formation, Berri said it “definitely” won’t see light before March 14, stressing that a technocrat government is not useful. “It should be a technocrat-mixed politicians government,” he added.

The AMAL movement leader told both dailies that the March 14 campaign against Hizbullah’s arms has no “political or national prospect.”

Asked about the fate of national dialogue sessions amid the ongoing campaign against Hizbullah’s arms, Berri said: “There is no new dialogue in the future.” “The defense strategy is summarized in the ‘army-people-resistance’ equation which was endorsed by the policy statement of Caretaker Premier Saad Hariri,” the speaker stressed.

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