Between dismissing Idres and appointing al-Naimi: the secrets of heating the southern area


The Defense Minister of the interim government of the coalition Asaad Mustafa, who resigned last Friday, has retreated his decision of resignation due to disputes with the Command of “Free Army” Salim Idres. But what happened is that Idris was ousted yesterday and the leader of the military Council of al-Qunaitera province Abul Ilah al-Naemi was appointed instead of him.
A reading of the scene, we find that it is not far from what is being said in the Western corridors, especially the speech of Robert Ford about the necessity to heat up the southern front in Syria, and the speech of the U.S. assist of US Foreign Minister Wendy Chirman bout the “plan B” of the administration, in case Geneva-2 Conference failed, to make Jordan and its borders with Syria a major gateway for US and Europe to send through it advanced military equipment to the Syrian armed opposition.

Sources have highlighted that there are American and European experts in both military and security intelligence fields in Jordan and they put a plan which serves in two ways:

The First: to facilitate the move of a group of American and British forces to Syria to battle to the radicalized jihadi groups, such as al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant organizations and to prevent the approach of their members from the borders of “Israel”, and the presence of Syrians fighters will be limited to Daraa area and its surrounding on only elements of “Free Army”.

The Second: to oversee the arming of the armed opposition, to put plans to carry out offensive operations on locations of Syrian Arab Army and to make sure that the modern weapons do not arrive to the jihadists.
According to the sources, the southern area of Syria will be a mini-state for the Syrian armed opposition from which military operations will be launched to drain the regime militarily. This mini-state or the buffer zone is extensible in the coming months.
This will require a Chief for the staff from the south… Besides a war man against ISIL: Jamal Ma’rouf.
The data indicate the field operations of the «moderate» fighters have been supported by new equipment . Recently, Idres has concerted from a mere media spokesman on the behalf of «Free Army» … to a «commander» for few military groups after a wave of withdrawing the recognition of his «army».
Idres has failed, therefore, the star of a new leader has finally shined who is Jamal Ma’rouf, the leader of “Syria’s Rebels” Front, especially after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant took control over Bab al-Hawa (Idlib), Jarablus (Aleppo) and Tal Abbyad (Raqqa) crossings, where the Army of the “Coalition” lost, the trust of his American and European “friends” and their support.
The Eye looked southward towards Jordan, where appointing al-Na’emi has coincided with news about moving the Central operations’ base of the Syrian armed opposition from Turkey to the Jordanian frontier city al-Remtha.
Therefore, Abdul Elah al-Bashir al-Naimi has been selected to be the leader of the southern front and the dissident Colonel Haitham Afisi as his deputy.
Al-Afisi is the leader of the brigade “the martyrs of Ma’aret al-Numan and its countryside” and also he is one of the leaders of Syria’s Rebels.
It is noteworthy to mention that al-Naemi, was a colonel in the Syrian Army and defected in 13 July 2012, and was appointed as a leader for the military council in al-Qunaitera province of the Free army. al-Naemi defected besides officers of al-Naim tribe which is in al-Golan of al-Qunaitera countryside, ther are the Gen. Adnan al-Rafee, the Col. Saleh al-Hammada al-Naimi and the Lt. Col. Saleh al-Bashir al-Naimi.

Source: Breaking News Network

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