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British occupation forces withdraw from strategic Iraqi airbase near Baghdad

The British forces operating in the international coalition in Iraq announced on Thursday, their withdrawal from the Taji military base, north of the capital, Baghdad.

A British Ministry of Defense statement entitled, “The British Army leaves the Taji camp, but in no way left Iraq”, pointing out that “ISIS has caused destruction and chaos across the Middle East in recent years. It has killed thousands and destroyed cities, leaving corpses and rubble in its wake.And it continued this way until the global coalition rose and put an end to its continuation. ”

“The British armed forces are not alien to the sprawling streets of Baghdad or the vast deserts of Iraq, but its last mission in the Middle East has seen that it works alongside Iraq with other coalition partners to help provide a safe and stable society in which Iraqis can live and enjoy Its good. ”

The statement pointed out that “the British forces deployed throughout the country have worked over the past six years to train more than 120,000 members of the Iraqi security forces, and they are now in a position to deliver this training mission in an Iraqi camp to Iraqi trainers to take over.” .

The statement emphasized that “the threat facing the coalition in Iraq is very real, as some sites are subject to regular attacks indirectly. Earlier this year, such an attack led to a tragic accident represented by the death of Corporal Prodi Gilon, a technical observer working in Combat medicine in the reserve forces. ”

The statement added that ” ISIS retains the ability to launch guerrilla-style attacks inside Iraq and demonstrate the ideological influence that inspires the attacks even further.”

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