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Brutal UK police use baton to disperse anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square

In London’s Trafalgar Square, police have clashed with anti-lockdown protesters in their thousands who demand lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Britain.

The protest comes in the wake of rising numbers of recorded coronavirus cases, in what is being called the UK’s second wave of the disease.

The demonstrators, like many people in the country, are not happy with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the situation, but for slightly different reasons than most.

The UK premier has been accused by opposition Party leader Keir Starmer of causing a government failure to deal with the pandemic.

Johnson has also been under fire for a lack of transparency, which has apparently led to resentment building up in those with views opposed by the mainstream British society.

Despite the rule of six social distancing measures, imposed by the government, and not applying to protests, demonstrators are still required to socially distance.

The non-compliance made the riot police use batons to disperse the protesters.

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