Burqa residents repel new attack by settlers on their town

Palestinian citizens in Burqa town in the northwest of Nablus warded off a fresh attack by a gang of extremist zionist settlers, while the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) closed the main entrance to Sebastia town, north of Nablus.

According to local sources, a group of settlers stormed the western entrance to Burqa town aboard three cars and started to hurl stones at homes before local residents intervened and fended them off.

In Sebastia, the IOF closed the town’s entrance with concrete blocks and obstructed the movement of citizens leaving and entering the town.

Last Friday, extremist settlers intensified their attacks throughout the West Bank after the killing of a settler and the injury of two others in a shooting operation in northern Nablus on Thursday night.

Since the incident, they have been trying to launch more attacks on Palestinian citizens and their property with the help of the Israeli occupation army.

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