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Butcher Netanyah under Pressure: Gantz Says Bibi Could ‘Ignite Civil War’

The head of Israeli political alliance Blue and White, Benny Gantz, has called upon officials from Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud to form a coalition government, arguing that the Israeli PM was risking to “ignite a civil war” with his actions, Haaretz reported.

“Likud leaders, it’s time to make your voice heard”, Gantz told the media. “The last days and weeks leave no room for doubt – Netanyahu risks igniting a civil war between us”.

“I respect you and I call for a partnership with you”,  Blue and White’s chairman added. “Even if we do not agree on everything, you, like my friends and I, share the Zionist values of partnership and unity. It’s time for you to put the fears and threats of the past aside, and to march Israeli society as a whole into a new era of healing”.

Netanyahu’s political opponents and hundreds of demonstrators have moved to capitalize on the indictment on charges relating to corruption, bribery and breach of trust against him, hoping to strip the weakened 70-year-old leader of power.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of demonstrators had staged a rally in the same city of occupied territories to call on Netanyahu to leave office.

Protesters chanted “Bibi go home,” and waved signs reading: “Netanyahu, let go already,” “Netanyahu, you should quit,” and “The corrupt should go home.”

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