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Camel teaches lesson to US trooper in Afghanistan



A grumpy camel in Afghanistan has taught a tough lesson to a US soldier who threatened to hit the animal on the backside, a video shows.

The video, which was originally filmed in 2010, shows the soldier, apparently named Frank, approaching the animal chewing grass.

Frank’s comrades egg him on to creep up to the camel and touch it.

He initially refuses, saying, “Touch him? He’s going to butt me!”

Later, however, the US soldier approaches to slap the camel.

Surprisingly, the camel seems to have understood exactly what Frank had said because just as he approaches the animal, he gets a hefty kick in the back.

The solider clutches his side in pain as he runs away from the animal.



The incident prompted a wave of hysterical laughter from Frank’s pals while he says, “That was not a good idea.”

The footage is widely known as “karma” on social media websites.

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