Chavez Condemns Great Satan U.S. Threats against Syria and Iran

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela on Wednesday warned the US of the consequences of the policies it has adopted in the world, condemning the U.S. administration’s continuous threats against Iran and Syria.

President Chavez, speaking at the opening of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Summit in Vienna, said “We know what to do because we are people who have sovereignty.”

The Venezuelan President warned against the risks of targeting the OPEC Organization by the US and its allies as proven by the aggression against Iraq and Libya, the targeting of Iran as well as the threats against Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries of the Organization.

President Chavez said that his government has contributed to the OPEC development and that it will fight against the American imperialism, calling on the US to mind its own business and leave the world alone.

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