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Checkpoints forced ISIS to withdraw from the centre of Kobane


The field commander of Al-Raqqa rebels opposition brigade in Syria, Abu Ibrahim, said that the terrorist ISIS organisation was forced to withdraw due to the traps planted in the centre and around Kobane in north-eastern province of the Syria.

Abu Ibrahim told the Anadolu reporter, on Wednesday, that the coalition forces warplanes, led by the United States, violently bombed the organisation’s sites in Kobane and its surroundings. He pointed out that Al Raqqa rebels, with the support from Kurdish groups, managed to halt the progress of the organisation in the city centre, and forced them to withdraw.

He also noted that the organisation had faced substantial losses due to the bombing of a hospital where they had planted their explosive materials adding, “We have made a good progress over the last two days, facing the organisation and we forced it out of the side and down to Mashatet Al-Nour hill as clashes continue in areas that the organisation has raised its flag”.

Foreign relations official Kobane, Ibrahim Kerdo, said that clashes continued in the eastern parts of the area, noting that armed militias in the region destroyed ISIS tanks, saying, “Only yesterday, 36 of ISIS terrorists were killed at one point”.

Kerdo said that civilians are trying to carry on with their lives under the clashes there.

Kobane has been encircled by ISIS for three weeks and is a hundred and forty kilometers north-east of the city of Aleppo, inhabited mainly by a Kurdish majority. In recent months tens of thousands of displaced people from parts of the countryside east of Aleppo, especially from Al-Reqqa, Alsafera, Manbej and Garables have arrived in the area.

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