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Civilians Killed, Kidnapped in US Operation in Deir Ez-Zur: Syrian Media

Three civilians were killed and an undetermined number of residents were kidnapped by American forces that carried out a heliborne operation near Al Busayrah city of Deir Ez-Zur province, according to Syrian media.

SANA reported that at least three members of a family were killed after Americans occupation forces carried out a heliborne operation in the vicinity of Al Busayrah city on Monday morning, located in the eastern part of Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zur and started shooting sporadically at locals.

The report indicated that the US military action was in line with supporting the anti-government militants from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the region, which was accompanied by shelling of residential neighborhoods and agricultural areas.

During the operation conducted in the city, the American troops also kidnapped a certain number of inhabitants and “took them to an unknown location,” the report added.

A similar operation was also carried earlier this month by the US forces in the city of al-Shuhail, which is also located in the Deir Ez-Zur province.

US forces are illegally deployed at a base in al-Tanf region, south of Deir Ez-Zur, as part of a so-called combat mission against Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) militants who continue to wage scattered terrorist operations in Iraq and Syria.

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