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Climate change protesters clash with police to gain access to Wall Street


Hundreds of protesters have gathered in the Wall Street financial district in New York City to call attention to capitalism’s impact on climate change.

On Monday afternoon, the climate change demonstrators clashed with the police in Lower Manhattan as they struggled to push through barricades cordoning off the Wall Street.

The protesters had marched up Broadway toward the New York Stock Exchange for a sit-in and blockade.

The march came to a standstill when the police blocked off the road leading to the Wall Street.

The protesters then sat down on Broadway and continued their sit-in demonstration.

A protester said that capital interests are influencing energy policies, which are harming the public.

“I think that it is important for the sake of democracy that the people stand up,” Gabriele Romeri said. “Business is basically running the government.”

The protest was a part of the large-scale climate change demonstration that drew over 300,000 people to Midtown on Sunday.

The event, dubbed as the People’s Climate March, was described as the largest recorded demonstration organized by some 1,500 organizations in New York City.

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