Commander: Iraq Demands Mounting Iran-Made Night Vision Systems on Helicopters

Iranian Army Airborne Commander General Yousef Qorbani announced that the Iraqi Army has demanded Iran to sell and mount its indigenous night vision systems on the Arab country’s helicopters.

“The Iraqi airborne officials visited Iran recently and we also decided to pay a reciprocal visit and the Iraqi side was highly interested in purchasing (helicopter) parts from Iran and wanted the Iran-made night vision systems to be mounted on their helicopters,” General Qorbani said on Sunday.

He noted that Iran is now able to produce 500 helicopter parts, adding that the first indigenously developed helicopter will be manufactured in the country soon.

“Today, the giant helicopter fleet of the Islamic Republic’s Army Airborne is considered as the Middle-East’s superior power in area of combat and deterrence power,” General Qorbani said.

He added that the Iranian helicopters are today equipped with the most state-of-the-art parts, saying, “We do not need imports for meeting our needs to helicopter parts and we can even help the Islamic and friendly states in this regard.”

General Qorbani had announced in 2018 that the country’s helicopters have been equipped with night-vision systems.

“Our dear experts in the air industry have had a highly successful performance and have equipped our helicopters with night-vision systems,” General Qorbani said at the time.

“We have also become fully indigenized in the field of long-range missile systems. Turning ground-based missiles to air-based missiles and enjoying the best fire-and-forget missiles are among other achievements of the Army Airborne Unit,” he added.

General Qorbani underlined that Iran is among the pioneering states in developing helicopters with the capability of fighting electronic warfare, targeting guided missiles, interception of targets from distance and using cruise missiles.

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