Commander: We would act if Zionists perpetrated wrong


The deputy-chief of staff of armed forces has said Iran would act if Zionists do something wrong.
Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, who was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the ceremony to honor Martyr Gen. Taqavi on Sunday, said that given the capabilities of the resistance and Iran as well, “any wrong action by Zionists would trigger a strong reaction by Iran.”

On response to speculations on the media that Iran would deploy forces in the Occupied Territories borders with Zionist regime, Jazayeri asserted that there was no necessity for such deployment; “we are capable of effective damage on the Zionist regime when the situation demands,” he added.

On the latest developments in Iraq and taking back by Iraqi army of the occupied regions from ISIL, Jazayeri said that definitely all regions now under the ISIL control would be freed, which he believed, depended on the Iraqi public mobilization of all citizens to save their country from the terrorists.

On holding military drills, notably that of Mohammad (SA) the Messenger of Allah in country’s southern coasts, he said that the scenarios of the drill had been successfully implemented, bringing good results, hoping that the drills would consolidate the strength of the whole system.

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