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Confidence in Obama’s economy hits new low: Survey


Confidence in President Barack Obama’s economic policies has hit a new low since almost fifty percent of Americans showed no confidence in his plans, a new survey indicates.

According to the CNBC All-America Economic survey, 44 percent of Americans say they have no confidence in the president’s economic policies.

Only 24 percent say they are extremely or quite confident in Obama’s plan for the economy, according to the poll.

The survey found widespread dissatisfaction with the state of the economy despite the run of solid data. Seventy-nine percent rated the economy as fair or poor, down slightly from eighty four percent a year ago.

Obama has a hard time facing broad concern about his economic policies from all political groups. Only 45 percent of Democrats gave the president’s economic policies a thumbs-up.

Eighteen percent say the economy is excellent or good. But even within that group, less than half showed confidence in Obama’s policies.

In June 2013, thirty-three percent approved the president’s economic policies, which was the previous record low.

Another survey released on Monday indicated that more than fifty percent of Americans described Obama’s tenure a “failure.” This is while only 41 percent described it as a success.

The survey from IBD/TIPP indicated half of the people who live in the United States see Obama’s tenure negatively, as 59 percent of those aged twenty-five to forty-four years old.

The fall in the president’s approval seems to be primarily driven by concern over his economic record.

While three in four Americans say they place a “high importance” on the economy and jobs when evaluating candidates, just thirty-one percent said Obama is doing a good job at growing the economy.

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