Daily lauds Iran govt’s clear stand in diplomacy

Daily lauds Iran govt's clear stand in diplomacy

‘Iran Daily’ on Thursday welcomed the Iranian government’s stand for opting ‘diplomacy’ as an effective mechanism and logical approach to safeguard national interests in the short term.
In this light, the English-language daily strongly urged the opposition to therefore stop the hue and cry and consider national interests above their own political interests.
Undoubtedly, Iran and the P5+1 opted for nuclear talks to substitute diplomacy with confrontation and have been able to reduce much of their disagreements over Tehran’s atomic work through negotiations over the past year, underscored the paper in its Opinion column.
The striking aspect of current talks is that both sides are determined to achieve tangible results and have been doing their utmost to win more concessions in order to reach a favorable deal before the November-24 deadline.
A telling example of how much both sides are resolute to end the decade-long dispute is the recent direct talks between Iran and the US in the Omani capital Muscat. Such talks were once a taboo, highlighted the paper, noting that the nuclear talks are now reaching their zenith.
It’s unwise to say with 100 percent certainty that a deal will be made, but no doubt things are now quite different compared to what it was a year ago, it noted.
Iran is no longer a country demonized by its adversaries in the world and negotiations are no longer a taboo for Iranians. They well know that they should turn to diplomacy and bargaining power to preserve national interests in the international arena rather than shunning negotiations, the paper said.
In the past year, radicals in Iran cast doubts on the process of the talks, leveling baseless accusations against the government and its negotiating team.
At first glance, one may think that the opponents of the government either have no idea about the concept of dialog and diplomacy or intentionally distort realities.
The government’s policy of not divulging the details of the discussions with the six powers is a major strategy aimed at giving diplomacy a chance to break the impasse over the nuclear issue.
A win-win deal before the looming deadline will once again prove that diplomacy works but if nuclear talks break down that would not be the end of the world, stressed the paper.
Independent and pro-government observers believe it is naïve to imagine that a possible deal and the subsequent removal of anti-Iran sanctions under a final agreement would resolve the country’s economic woes and that people should not have unrealistic expectations since they believe the sanctions are only part of the problems and blame the difficult economic situation on the mismanagement of the previous government, it pointed out.
Economically speaking, experts estimate that it would take at least six years to put the country back on the right track.
However, according to the opponents such comments reflect the fact that the supporters of nuclear talks are not optimistic about the outcome of negotiations. But the point is that these comments of experts are based on realities and should not be interpreted as failure, concluded the daily.

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