Damascus University Students Light Candles for Repose of Their Colleagues’ Souls

20130329-140059_h474994Students of the University of Damascus on Thursday organized a ‘mourning stand’ for the repose of the souls of their colleagues who were martyred in the Faculty of Architectural Engineering by mortar shells.

The participants in the event lit candles at the site of the terrorist attack, stressing that “the martyrs’ blood won’t go in vain”, and that terrorism will not deviate them from continuing the process of education.

“We will remain loyal to our martyrs’ souls by committing to continue our education process which the terrorists try to assassinate,” said the participating students, stressing that they will continue to go to university and attend classes as they are “the homeland’s future.”

The strongly condemned the targeting of residential neighborhoods, schools, universities and worship places by terrorists, holding the countries which are supporting the terrorist groups responsible for these crimes.

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