Daraa Map Update: Syrian Army expels ISIS near Golan Heights

The Islamic State terror group was ousted from several towns and villages in the far western countryside of Daraa as battles heat up for the last insurgent-held enclave.

The Syrian Army, following fierce clashes with the extremist militants, has managed to recapture Ghadir Bustan, Malaqa, Um al Loqes, Bassah Sharqi, Bakar Sharqi and Bakar.

The recent advance sees the government troops on the outskirts of Sayda and Ayn Zakar; two major bastions for the terror organization in southwest Syria.

Meanwhile, Israel shot down a Syrian jet for allegedly entering the Occupied Olan Heights.

According to a Syrian military source, the Syrian warplane was downed by Israeli patriot missiles while conducting a combat mission against ISIS in the area.


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