Daraa Map Update: Syrian Army inching closer to ISIS pocket in west Daraa


Terrorists’ reign in the western countryside of Daraa is increasingly shrinking as more town and villages enter into reconciliation agreements with the Syrian Army; which keeps on advancing toward the small area controlled by Islamic State.

Today, militants in Tafas and Tall al-Asha’ari accepted to surrender their towns to the Syrian government following short negotiations with the Russian military.

Rebel fighter shall hand over all their weapons before the Syrian Army takes over.

In the same context, negotiations with militants in al-Yadodah town has ended with rebels accepting to surrender the town.

According to the agreement, the Syrian Army and Russian forces will enter the town tomorrow.

With most of the western countryside of Daraa has fallen, the government troops are inching closer to ISIS enclave in the far west.

Yesterday, ISIS attacked the Syrian forces in Zaizoun town with a VBIED, killing and injuring scores of soldiers.

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