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Dec. 7 symbol of anti-colonialism approach: Iran Judiciary chief

Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeisi addressed a ceremony held in Tehran University to commemorate the anniversary of the National Student Day on December 7.

Addressing a gathering of students on the campus of the University of Tehran (UT), Raeisi commemorated December 7 as the symbol of anti-Global Arrogance and anti-colonialism approach of the students and the university in history.

Student Day is the anniversary of the murder of three students of University of Tehran on December 7, 1953 (16 Azar 1332 in the Iranian calendar) by Iranian police in the Pahlavi era.

The Judiciary chief said students rose up against foreign interference in the country’s affairs, recounting that the students were protesting against the US vice president’s trip to Iran only 4 months after the US-lead 1953 coup.

He added that the student movements played a significant role in the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, adding that the just-seeking Iranian students have always opposed colonialism and tyranny inside the country.

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