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Democrats blame Obama for Senate losses


Democrats blame US President Barack Obama for their losses in the Senate, saying they were beleaguered by a deeply unpopular White House.

After months of bitter and costly campaigning, Republicans took the control of the Senate in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The Republican Party picked up at least seven Senate seats, securing a majority in the 100-member chamber.

Republicans won races in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia.

Opinion polls conducted prior to the elections showed President Obama’s approval ratings were in the low 40s, indicating frustration with a presidency beset with crisis and mismanagement.

Republicans in competitive Senate races labeled their Democratic opponents as rubber stamps for Obama and his policies.

“This election will be a referendum on the president,” Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, said ahead of the elections. “He [Obama] will be indirectly on the ballot.”

Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, said Tuesday night that the president’s policies “absolutely” ruined Democratic chances with voters.

“It doesn’t make sense that we have to fight so hard against our own government and our own administration and our president to try to find a balance,” Manchin told MSNBC.

“It was President Obama dragging candidates down across the country,” one Senate Democratic aide said, according to the Hill. “It was a tough map to start with and his numbers were especially bad in these states, making it that much harder to overcome.”

A GOP-led Congress will make life difficult for a president who is looking to establish his legacy with his second term entering a lame-duck phase.

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