Days of Victory

Diary of July 17 2006: Shelling Haifa City

On July 16 2006, after Hizbullah Secretary General issued the threat to bomb Haifa city if the Zionists assault the southern Dahiyeh suburb of Beirut, the Islamic resistance effectuated this threat by bombarding with “Raad (Thunder)-2” type missiles and “Raad-3” the city of Haifa for the first time since the start of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon. The retaliation targeted a train station, a port and a tourist facility, killing 9 Zionists and wounding 30 others, half of them in critical condition.

A state of chaos and terror hit Zionist ranks for more than one reason, the most important of them is the fact that this city represents a vital lifeline inside the usurper entity, and because this was the first time Haifa City receives a hit in the entire conflict course of the Arab-Zionist history, in addition to having petrochemical installations.

The resistance had also threatened to bomb these facilities in the event the enemy went to excess with its attacks on Lebanon.

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