Days of Victory

Diary of July 18 2006: Expanding the Bombing of Zionist Occupation Settlements

On July 18 2006, in response to Zionist enemy attacks, the Islamic Resistance bombed a large number of Zionist settlements, starting with bombing the cities of Haifa and Safed, followed by the city of Tiberias with “Raad-1” and “Raad-2” type missiles.

The rest of the Zionist settlements were later bombed, including : Beit Halal, Dan, Ramot Neftali, Sner, Kfrsauld, Kfrbalom, Yesoud, Amilah, Goiin, Delton, Sifsaaf, Karmael, Yephthah, Nahariya, Sidi Eliezer and Kfr Dorim … Thus the Islamic Resistance demonstrated its ability to reach deep within the Zionist entity and hurt them.

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