Days of Victory

Diary of July 21 2006: Zionist Massacres of Civilians (1)

Since the beginning of its aggression on Lebanon on July 12 2006 of, the Zionist enemy carried out a number of horrific massacres against our civilians killing a large number of children, women, elderly and invalids.

“Israel” carried out it massacres in various regions of Lebanon from the South, to the Bekaa Valley through to the north.

The following are among the massacres that stood out most:

 Dweir massacre, its victims were the entire family of martyr Sayyed Adel Akash, consisting of father, mother and their ten children.

 Marwaheen massacre, 23 martyrs including 12 children. UNIFIL’s force had refused to receive them at its headquarters; they were killed on the road leaving town in a “pickup” truck.

 Ibba – Jibsheet massacre, its victims were about 18 people killed.

 Aytaroun massacre, 12 people martyred.

 Srifa massacre, led to the martyrdom of 30 people.

 Massacre of Nabi Sheet, led to the martyrdom of 8 citizens.

 Tyre massacres, led to the martyrdom of some 60 citizens in a number of places.

 Al Qa’a Massacre, led to the martyrdom of 30 civilians, all Syrian workers in an agricultural fruit packing plant.

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