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Disgraced zionist regime to return cows to Lebanon after shepherds complain of unlawful seizure

The zionist army pledged on Tuesday to return several cows belonging to Lebanese shepherds, after crossing the border from Lebanon.

This came after shepherds in the Lebanese village of Wazzani accused Israeli soldiers of taking the cows that have been moving freely for decades in their pastures near the disputed borders, Reuters reported.

The shepherds of the village reported that the soldiers took seven cows after they entered the gray area between a fence separating the two countries on Sunday, and the blue line that marks the borders set by the United Nations .

Kamal Al-Ahmad, one of the shepherds in the village, said that he lost three cows, noting that the cows have been grazing in this area for more than two decades, and this is the first time that “someone took them.”

On the other hand, the Israeli army spokesman’s office said that the Israeli soldiers did not take the cows, indicating that the cows crossed the fence and the Blue Line, after which the gate was closed.

They explained in a statement that the cows that are still inside Israeli territory will be returned through the competent authorities.

The average price of a cow in Lebanon is estimated at about $2,000 (USD), which means that losing one of them is a great loss for farmers who suffer from the repercussions of the financial crisis in Lebanon, Reuters reported.

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