Dozens of tribes in northeast Syria demand US withdrawal after Soleimani assassination

Dozens of tribes in northeastern Syria gathered in the Al-Hasakah Governorate to demand the U.S. Armed Forces withdraw from the country.

The Arab tribes reportedly gathered in Hafez Al-Assad Square inside Hasakah city to protest the U.S. presence in Syria and the attacks carried out by their forces inside Iraq.

The Grand Mufti of Al-Hasakah, Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Kandah, told Sputnik Arabic that “the American occupiers must leave immediately from our lands because they will leave it sooner or later by the blood of the national mujahideen, such as Soleimani, Al-Mohandes, and the martyrs of the army Syrian Arab Army, and the steadfastness of the resistance axis with the support of our Russian friends.”

In turn, writer and scholar Jizi Sheikh Ali said that the violation of human rights and international law and the unlawful aggression against states is the prerogative of the United States of America over the past decades, claiming that Washington committed a major crime with these latest assassinations.

In addition, Sheikh Muhammed Hasnaoui Al-Jadou, one of the sheikhs of the Jabbour Tribe, said that the United States commits daily crimes against states, as it works daily to steal Syrian oil without any moral and international deterrent, in addition to its crimes committed by bombing villages and towns of the eastern Euphrates.

Most of the tribesmen that gathered in Hasakah city have been opposed to the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and People’s Protection Units (YPG).

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