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Drowning, explosive beheading, RPG execution ISIL’s (israel) new techniques of taking lives


The ISIL Takfiri terrorists have released a new propaganda video purportedly showing prisoners being executed by drowning, explosive beheading, and RPG fire in Iraq.

On Tuesday, the Takfiri group released a graphic seven-and-half-minute video titled “But if You Return, We Shall Return,” showing the execution of 15 prisoners accused of espionage in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.

The footage starts with ISIL militants pulling out human remains from a pile of debris, then shows the prisoners confessing to espionage against the terrorist group, and winds up by shots of their executions with three various methods.

In the first round of executions, three prisoners are shown locked in a car somewhere in the desert.

Then the video cuts to an ISIL executioner who fires a rocket-propelled grenade at the vehicle, which bursts into flames purportedly killing the prisoners, who can be heard screaming before burning to death.

The second execution was the drowning of a group of five people locked in a cage that was lowered into a swimming pool.

After a few minutes, the cage is raised from the water showing the prisoners lying motionless on its floor.

The last part of the video shows seven men tied together with an explosive necklace around their necks.

The video then shows the severing of the prisoners’ heads when the explosives are detonated.

Earlier on Tuesday, ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani called on Takfiris to engage in war to become martyrs during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

The spokesman also offered amnesty to those Iraqis who had fought against ISIL in the western province of al-Anbar.

The spokesman also reiterated calls by the ISIL leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, for the return of Anbar citizens, who fled while the militants overran the provincial capital Ramadi last month.

“Oh people of Anbar, return to your homes and go back to your people,” Adnani said.

He also offered a “last chance” for Iraqi police forces, soldiers, and tribesmen to “repent” and surrender their weapons.

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