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Dubai release new info on assassination squad

Dubai police say members of a terrorist team involved in the assassination of a senior Hamas commander in Dubai have used credit cards issued in the same names as their passports.

Police investigated credit card accounts used by the suspects who are believed to have murdered senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on his hotel room on January 20, an Abu Dhabi daily reported Friday.

“The credit cards were not used in the UAE,” said a police source, “But the suspects bought the tickets to Dubai with credit cards.”

“The credit cards used bear the same names as the passports which the suspects entered Dubai with,” the unnamed official was quoted by the National as saying.

The official, however, did not say in which country the cards were issued.

Dubai Police issued arrest warrant for the 11 suspects, including 10 men and a woman, saying the passports they used to enter the United Arab Emirates were issued in European countries.

Six of the suspects carried British passports; three others had Irish passports, while the other two possessed French and German documents.

Both Britain and Dublin denied allegations that their citizens involved in the assassination plot, saying the suspects were most likely Mossad agents.

Dubai police on Thursday called for the head of Mossad to be arrested if the spy agency was behind the murder.

Israel, however, shrugged off the calls, saying the Dubai police chief had provided no incriminating proof.

“The Dubai police have provided no incriminating proof,” a senior Israeli official told AFP.

“The accusations are baseless. Police have not explained the circumstances of his death, or even any proof that he’s been assassinated,” he claimed.

Dubai police had previously threatened to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if it determined that Mossad was behind the terror operation.

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