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Ecxlusive- The Why of withdrawal of Iraqi Army from Mousul and secret deal of Syria-Iraq

exclusiveISIL terrorists had already been organized by many intelligence services including the regional ones, Iraqi Government had the information of all those plots BUT the Iraqi Government played game with those perpetrators by pretending withdrawing from Mousul… Mousul governer Esil Nujayfe is also a traitor who prepared ground for the terrorists… Maliki Government withdrew from the region and all FOOL terrorists came out from their underworld… now all those terrorists paying heavy price… Meanwhile Zionist Jewish Barzani’s Peshmerga in coordination with ISIL terrorists.

At this point we can clearly see the coordination among the Resistance Block. Iraq helped Syria by opening a new front that weaken terrorist ISIL and other fractions. When they (terrorists) saw that they could take Mousul easily then they belived in themselves but all these process was under the control of Resistance. Alhamdolillah. Syrian Army gained more strategic grounds after Mousul crisis and terrorists were also trapped and are being trapped in Iraq day by day. This process also revealed the traitors among Iraqi Army and Government like the Barzani and his men who are okay with israel. The pictures below also indicate the relation level of Zionism and Barzani ancestors.

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Kurdish forces violently block refugee-seekers from entering Kirkuk


Barzani’s Peshmerga units opened fire on the civilians who wanted to enter Kirkuk while escaping from clashes in Tikrit and prevented those people from entering Kirkuk.


Video shows Jewish have fun for Barzani and Kurdistan

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