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Egypt to bring Mubarak to justice

A representative of UK’s Muslim Brotherhood says the Egyptian people will not give up until Hosni Mubarak “is brought down to justice.”

Mohamed Ghanem said in an interview with Press TV that the Egyptian people’s top priority as being, “to redeem back the will to decide their own fate which has been stolen from them for quite a long time.”

He went on to say “in the last 30 years, the time of Mubarak, he has abused the Egyptian people he has stolen their right to decide their will.”

He emphasized that the people’s wish is to see Mubarak removed from power, and simply not to witness a change “of faces” or a cabinet reshuffle.

Over one hundred people have lost their lives in the past days in Egypt, while thousands have been injured and imprisoned.

Ghanem also pointed out that money looting has been taking place and that all of these crimes were because of “one evil man and his family.”

In regard to the west, he said “The Egyptian people like the Americans and have good relations with the American people. But if the political power tries to dictate the fate of the Egyptian people, we will never accept that.”

He further added that the American people should “base their relationship with the world on mutual interest, not to dictate the fate for their own interests.”

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