Egypt will bring Mubarak to justice

During the past few days the world has been witnessing the Egyptian people’s ongoing, anti-Mubarak protests and the government’s violent response.

In regards to the current events taking place in Egypt and the people’s political views, Press TV has interviewed the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK, Mohamed Ghanem, to further discuss the situation.

Press TV: I’d like to welcome you to the program from London from the Muslim Brotherhood Mr. Mohammad Ghanem. Thank you so much for being with us. Now Mr. Ghanem, let’s look at the events that have been taking place over the past few days and also today. Can you see this actually culminating in a victory for the Egyptian people? Or is it possible that Mr. Mubarak had made different changes in his government, he’s had his cabinet step down, and he’s appointed different individuals, now, will that be enough to pacify the Egyptian people? Or do you think it will ultimately culminate in him stepping down?

Ghanem: This blessed revolution and wise-up by the Egyptian people is for one aim. All is to redeem back the will to decide their own fate which has been stolen from them for quite a long time. In the last 30 years, the time of Mubarak, he has abused the Egyptian people, he has stolen their right to decide their will. His fraud elections, he steels money, he controlled Egypt by the guns of thugs, and the Egyptian people raised up. They will not be satisfied, but to change the system. To bring down this regime, not changing the faces. I’ve seen today when his deputy changed his side he saluted him. But when he appoints somebody, he’s still in power. The Egyptian people have drawn their consent. He has no authority neither to appoint anybody nor to appoint a government. Now he’s trying to play tactic in the game. It’s wrong. Nobody will accept what he does. The Egyptian people have political institutions. They have political figures. They have everything to establish a new political structure, which they can decide by their own. There is no acceptance but to bring his regime, his family, and his thugs down.

Press TV: Well, Mr. Ghanem how significant do you see people being killed now every day? We were looking at footage just a while ago of them bringing bodies of those dead and people just marching in mass and extremely upset with the situation. How significant is this if Mr. Mubarak continues to crackdown. Will it actually push the people over the top, or do you think that it’s possible that they will back down, that they cannot push him out of office? How do you see that playing itself out?

Ghanem: Well, it’s significant enough to see and proves how evil this man is, how bad this man is. For the Egyptian people this is a price they pay. I feel very sorry, I send my condolences to the loved ones of the ones who died and the people injured. Now more than a hundred people have died, more than a thousand have been wounded. A thousand have been taken to prison. Their money has been lost. Their wealth has been looted. All this for one evil man and his family. The Egyptian people will never forget that, they will never rest; they will bring him down to justice. And if a man wanted to have a part of this not to salute him but to take him as a prisoner and put him in for the court, to be judged by fair judgment to satisfy the anger in the heart of the Egyptian people.

Press TV: Now Mr. Ghanem, we’ve been watching amazing footage coming out of Egypt that perhaps just a few days ago, we would have been very surprised to see. Of course Hosni Mubarak always had a very tight grip on the country in his 30 years’ of reign. We saw pictures of Mubarak torn up, we saw people taking their shoes off and beating pictures symbolically. Are you surprised at the speed that it seems that this movement, the momentum that it has taken on so fast?

Ghanem: I’m not surprised at all. We all expected that. And he’s been warned by all the good people, they warned him that will happen exactly what’s happened today. People explained that to him, but he’s very evil. He doesn’t care; he only cares about himself and his end. That’s why he has to see; people have to see him in the court, for justice. He’s such an evil man. And now he himself is having a killing spree, among the good people. They have a chance to loot and steel the money. They got all the currency and transferred it out of the country. They will do as much damage and as much destruction as they can. This is their nature. They don’t care about the country. They only care about their own interest. But the time has come now for the Egyptian people to have their own say. To redeem their own way back now, the right to decide their own fate. Neither America nor anybody in the world can satisfy the Egyptian people. They’re not going to rest, they have sacrificed. People were killed and people wounded, people in prison, wealth has been stolen, for just one corrupted man and his thugs.

Press TV: Mr. Ghanem do you see that many of the western think tanks are basically wondering what went wrong as far as with the model of this region, and basically where do you see this point in time, if the Egyptian people want to be successful in their revolution?

Ghanem: Well, the Egyptian people, will be successful. This uprising, we haven’t seen for quite a bit because of the amount and strength of suppression on the people. But now the uprising, they won’t rest they sacrificed their own blood. They paid for all this and they have to get the result they want. The relation of the structure between the Americans, the Arabs and Egyptians in particular, the Egyptian people like the Americans and have good relations with the American people. But if the political power tries to dictate the fate of the Egyptian people, we will never accept that. America has to learn, there is enough enmity in the world. Mutual interest should, they should respect the people’s right to decide their own fate. We are an old nation; we have a history behind us. We are a great nation. We have political people, we have a political institution. We are a very rich country. We don’t need any aid from America. Their aid is not useful to us. It (the uprising) came from Tunisia to Egypt, and God willing it will spread to the Muslim and Arab world. And America has to learn that the American people have to base their relationship with the world on mutual interest, not to dictate the fate for their own interests.

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