Enemies after spoiling Hajj Pilgrimage: Sunni Friday Prayer in Iran


Sanandaj Friday Prayer, Mamousta Abdorrahman Khodaei in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency hailed the great participation of Muslims from all sects in Hajj ritual noting, “Many of the ill-wishers and enemies of Islam, in the form of coherent and long-term planning, try to spoil the Hajj Pilgrimage.”

“Hajj’s grand pilgrimage symbolizes the solidarity and sympathy of Muslims across the globe moving toward a single and united destination, ” stressed the religious cleric saying this magnificent divine ritual should be mounted gloriously as much as possible.

“Hajj does not belong to one single tribe, race or specific followers of a certain sect,” highlighted the Sunni cleric noting Saudi Arabia and its nation should try to preserve the dignity of all Muslims attending this event.”

The religious cleric went on to underscore, no excuse is accepted for the lack of commitment to handling of this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. In his line, if the country cannot organize the event, then should hand it over.

“Thousands of Sunni people from Iran travel to Saudi Arabia annually so as to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, such gathering shows the existing unity and solidarity among Muslims in Iran,” stressed the religious cleric.

“In the event, we are witness to a great gathering comprising of Muslims worldwide,” mentioned Sanandaj Friday Prayer stressing, the event provides Iranians with a great chance to introduce their culture, values and principles.

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