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Enemies of Kurds who cannot even speak Kurdish wanted to be touted as Leaders of Kurds(!)


Enemies of Kurds wanted to be touted as Leaders of Kurds(!) but how can people who do not even know the Kurdish Language defend the rights of Muslim Kurdish Nation?

The so-called leaders of the Kurdish movement head terrorists Abdullah Ocalan and other Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) members deployed by the regime to fulfill their separatist mission between Kurds and Turks either speak very little Kurdish or not at all. Here is the language report of the so-called Kurdish (non-Kurd) leaders of the movement.(names of the separatists are deliberately written in lowercase letters)

abdullah öcalan

Milliyet columnist Güneri Civaoğlu meets with head terrorist at Bakaa Valley and reports the following remarks during his interview öcalan;
“I know very little-Kurdish. I think in Turkish. I speak and write Turkish.”
In the negotiations leaked to the media something he said was very interesting. “Kurdish Language is not a convenient language for establishing a state. Even if we set up the Kurd State, we need to speak Turkish at least for 50 years. ”
selahattin demirtas (BDP co-chair): He confesses that not knowing Kurdish is a big deficiency for him.
sebahat tuncel (HDP co-chair): No Kurdish at all.
gülten kışanak (BDP co-chair): No Kurdish at all.
emine ayna (BDP Diyarbakır MP): No Kurdish at all.
süreyya sırrı önder (BDP Istanbul MP): No Kurdish at all.


Ağrı Halil Aksoy, Batman Ayla Akat Ata, Bitlis Hüsamettin Zenderlioğlu, Diyarbakır Nursel Aydoğan, Mersin Ertuğrul Kürkçü, Muş Demir Çelik, Muş Sırrı Sakık. Independent MPs supported by BDP Aysel Tuğluk, Levent Tüzel do not know the Kurdish Language at all.

Turkish Source of the Report: http://www.millibirlikhaber.com/kurtce-bilmeyen-sozde-kurt-liderleri.html

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