Enemy of humanity Netanyahu Raged by Tehran Summit Participation

Raged by the huge participation of the countries’ leaders and officials at the Non Aligned Movement states in Tehran, zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the meeting and the Islamic Republic who leads millions in chanting “Death to America, Death to Israel.”

“Today, over 120 countries are in Tehran, saluting a regime that not only denies the Holocaust but pledges to annihilate the Jewish state, brutalizes its own people, colludes in the murder of thousands of innocent Syrians and leads millions in chanting ‘Death to America, death to Israel’,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

“So many in the international community appear to have learned nothing. I think this is a disgrace and a stain on humanity,” the Zionist PM added.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon arrived on Wednesday in Tehran in order to attend the summit.
The huge participation in the summit is considered as a blow for the US and the Zionist entity, who had warned Ban and other world Leaders not to fall into an Iranian “propaganda trap”, advising them not to participate in the meeting.

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