Enemy’s Security Plot against Iran Foiled by IRGC

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps defused an enemy plot hatched to harm Iran’s security during the new year holidays, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari announced on Saturday.

Addressing a meeting with IRGC commanders and officials on Saturday, Jafari praised the highly positive and effective performance of IRGC commanders and rank and file in the previous Iranian year (March 2011-March 2012).

“Defusing a major plot of the enemies who intended to stage some operations in the New Year holidays was amongst the most prominent measures taken by the IRGC,” he said.

The IRGC dismantled a “terrorist group” and killed one of its members late in March.

The terrorist group was busted by the Qods forces of the IRGC in Southeastern Iran, an IRGC statement announced on March 27, adding that the terrorist group had penetrated into the Iranian territory to carry out terrorist operations.

An enormous amount of equipment, flammable material and grenades were also discovered by the IRGC forces during the operation.

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