Ex-prisoner reveals tragedies of female captives in Israeli jails


During the cold spells every winter, the freed prisoner Fatima Al-Zak sadly remembers the female prisoners in the Israeli jails who had never been warm during that cold season.

Fatima had endured the freezing cold in the Israeli dungeons for more than 6 years, which led her to suffer from chronic diseases.

Difficult conditions

Captive Fatima told the PIC reporter that she lived six bitter years in prison, during which she experienced the wrench of the throes of childbirth, while she was tied up. She was deprived of the most basic human rights.

She said that “the suffering of the female prisoners is very difficult, especially when they are pregnant or have a baby.”

She added: “When I feel cold, I find myself crying on the conditions of male and female prisoners; I experienced myself the suffering of imprisonment in all its details, the suffering increases in the winter; where prisoners don’t have the simplest things to keep them warm”. She pointed out that the extreme cold in captivity caused her peripheral neuropathy; a disease in the nerves that raises the sense of pain, especially in winter.

She said that female prisoners are not provided with enough or warm blankets, and are prevented from getting winter clothing, which increase their suffering.

She noted that despite the freezing cold in the Israeli prisons, female prisoners share their covers and clothes with the new captives.

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