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EXC: How will the “abolition of ‘israel’” be accomplished?

Elaboration on the stance and policies of the Islamic Republic with regard to solving the Palestinian issue based on the statements of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution;

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful,

In meeting with the government officials and participants in the International Conference on Islamic Unity, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, referred to the question of Palestine and reiterated, “We support Palestine, its independence and its liberation. The abolishment of Israel does not mean the abolishment of the Jewish people. We support the people and the independence of Palestine. We are not anti-Semitic.” November 15, 2019

In the following article, the website of KHAMENEI.IR has investigated and elaborated on the stance and policies of the Islamic Republic regarding the issue of Palestine and the solution to the historical crisis following the occupation of this land by the Zionists, based on the statements of Imam Khamenei.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, the official discourse, stance, and policy of the Islamic Republic is “the obliteration of Israel.” But, what does the abolition of Israel mean? Will this be achieved with solutions such as missile attacks and the like? How is this related to anti-Semitism and the Jews? Is the Leader’s statement on the fact that the Islamic Republic is not anti-Semitic a new and different position compared to the past? What is the role of the armed fights and resistance in the plan for the liberation of Palestine?

In this article, we answer these questions based on Imam Khamenei’s statements.

1. The solution to the issue of Palestine is the abolition of Israel

In December 1990, during the first Islamic Conference on Palestine, while discussing the topic of Palestine, Imam Khamenei stressed that the Revolution and the Islamic system are not anti-Semitic and he reiterated, “What the honorable Imam Khomeini (r) said still stands, ‘Israel must be abolished.’ The Jews of Palestine, if they accept the Islamic government, can live there. It is not a discussion on anti-Semitism. It is the matter of the occupation of the home of Muslims.” [December 4, 1990]

The Leader of the Revolution has described the “goal” in the Palestinian issue to be the liberation and freedom of Palestine from the Zionists’ clutches, “Concerning the Palestinian issue, the goal is to free Palestine, that is to abolish the state of Israel. There is no difference between the lands before and after 1967. Every inch of Palestinian soil is an inch of the Muslims’ houses.” [Dec. 4, 1990] Because, the only way to “remedy” this historical wound is the abolition of Israel, “The Zionist regime is a regime that from the time of its illegitimate birth, has been exercising evident violence. They do not even deny it. They started with an iron fist; they announce it everywhere. They are even proud of it. It is their policy. Since 1948, when this false regime was officially established, up until today… This is the reality of the Zionist regime. There is no other remedy for it other than its being eliminated.” [July 23, 2014] Therefore, his Eminence has clearly specified the solution to ending the problem, “Our stance on the Palestinian issue is clear. We consider the solution to the Palestinian issue to be the abolition of the Israeli regime.” [August 19, 1991]

This is the important difference between the perspective or position of the Islamic Republic and some other anti-Zionist approaches, “On the issue of the usurping regime, Jamal Abdel Nasser used to chant a slogan based on throwing all the Jews into the sea. When he wanted to speak against Israel, he would say that they would “throw the Jews into the sea.” However, the Islamic Republic has never said such a thing.” [Jun 10, 2018]

Meanwhile, not being anti-Semitic does not equal being friendly to the Zionists who have inhabited the occupied lands by force and violence, “Who are the people of Israel? They are the ones who are being used to take over the houses, lands, farms, and businesses of the Palestinian people. The Israeli people are tools in the hands of the Zionists. A Muslim nation cannot adopt a passive stance towards these people who are being used as tools in the hands of the main enemies of the Muslim world. We have no problems with Jews, Christians, and the followers of other religions. We object to those who have invaded the Palestinian lands. The invaders are not just the Zionist regime. This is the stance of the Islamic Republic.” [Sep 19, 2008]

2. The path to abolishing Israel passes through the ballot box

Throughout many years of occupation of Palestine by the Zionists, which was supported and designed by the Arrogant and Colonialist Powers, various solutions based on the idea of negotiations and peace with the usurper Zionist Regime have been suggested. And, some of them were acted upon to solve this issue. These solutions have all failed in practice, “All solutions suggested and acted upon by the western powers and their affiliates for ‘resolving the problem of Palestine’ have been wrong and unsuccessful, and it will be the same in the future.” [Aug 30, 2012] This is because, “It is the wrong solution to negotiate and to reach an agreement with a usurper who does not adhere to human values or international law, and does not observe the resolutions of international organizations. This is the wrong solution. It is wrong in any form that it appears in. Israel has shown that it does not adhere to any of its signatures. Even if they come to an agreement and sign some treaty, they do not abide… Any signature the other side gives them, the Zionist Regime steps on it and comes a step forward. This is their nature.” [April 5, 2002]

However, the Islamic Republic, by relying on rationality, logic, as well as historical and political experience, has a clear solution to the problem. It is a democratic solution based on the will, want and vote of the real Palestinian people, “The logical solution is a solution that all the awakened consciences of the world and all those who believe in today’s concept of the world will have to accept … This is the solution of a referendum among the Palestinians, all those who have been displaced from Palestine. Of course, those who want to return to the land of Palestine and to their own home. This is logical. This means those who were displaced in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and in the rest of the Arab countries, return to their own homeland, Palestine – the ones who want to. I don’t say anyone should be returned by force. Thus, those who lived in Palestine before 1948 – the year the false Israeli government was formed – including Muslims, Christians and Jews should participate in a referendum. They determine in a public referendum the government to rule over the land of Palestine. This is democracy. Democracy is good for all the world. Why isn’t it good for the Palestinian people?! … The Palestinian people should gather, vote and choose the kind of regime that should rule in this country. That regime and that government would be formed and decide about those who came to the land of Palestine after the year 1948 – whatever it decides. If the elected government decides that they should stay, then they can stay. If it decides that they should go, then they must go. It is the people’s vote and it is democracy. It’s in accordance with human rights. It is in line with the current logic of the world.” [April 5, 2002] “This is the destruction and abolition of the vicious and illegitimate Zionist regime that is ruling today.” [June 15, 2018]

Therefore, “abolition of the Zionist regime does not at all mean massacring the Jewish people in that region… It means a poll and a referendum should be conducted so that by way of a referendum they choose the regime to rule the area. The people should determine this. This is the meaning of the abolition of the Zionist Regime. This is the solution.” [Jul 23, 2014]

3. Israel has proved it doesn’t understand any language but the language of force

Although the logical solution to the Palestinian issue is a referendum and the realization of the people’s wishes, the Zionist Regime, based on the way it is and past experience, won’t allow the proposal and advancement of democratic solutions, “Israel has proved it doesn’t understand any language except for the language of force. It is impossible to speak with it except with the language of a nation’s power and the power of an Islamic nation throughout the world.” [October 19, 1991] Due to this, “The all-out endeavors of the Palestinian nation – political, military, moral and cultural endeavors – should continue until those who have usurped Palestine give in to the votes of the Palestinian nation… The fight should and will continue until that time.” [Jun 5, 2019]

It may be concluded that, “What is the remedy as long as this false regime is standing and hasn’t been destroyed? The remedy is decisive and militant resistance against this regime. The Palestinians should show power in facing the Zionist regime… The only remedy that exists before the Zionist regime is annihilated is for the Palestinians to act powerfully. If they act powerfully, it is possible that the other side – which is this wolfish, violent regime – will retreat.” [Jul 23, 2014]

4. The certain result of resistance is victory

A look at the history of Palestine reveals that Israel is a government based on force, warmongering and military invasion that has always tried to expand its territories in this manner. However, with the changes, which have developed in the last years, Israel’s expansion has suffered tangible weakness, defeat and decline. A decline that in addition to its clear signs internally, has become apparent in wars like the war against the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Gaza Resistance. Today, the extensive achievements of the Resistance represent a glorious performance sheet:

“The most important achievement of the Resistance was creating a major barrier to the Zionist projects. The Resistance’s success lies in imposing a war of attrition on the enemy. In other words, it has managed to defeat the main plan of the Zionist regime, namely dominating the entire region… Since the early 1980s, not only has the Zionist regime not been able to usurp new lands, but it has also begun to retreat. This retreat began with its humiliating withdrawal from southern Lebanon, and it continued with another humiliating withdrawal from Gaza… The 33-Day War in Lebanon, and the 22-Day, 8-Day and 51-Day wars in Gaza are all shining pages in the performance sheet of the Resistance.” [Feb 21, 2017]

Thus, it may be said, “The path of Quds, the path of Palestine, the path to saving Palestine, and the path to resolving the issue of Palestine are nothing other than the path of fighting.” [Feb 27, 2010] And surely, the future of the liberating Resistance is the liberation of Palestine, “Palestine will definitely be liberated. It will be restored to the people of Palestine, and a Palestinian government will be formed in this country. There is no doubt about this.”  [Feb 27, 2010]

Source: Khamenei.ir

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