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EXC: Turkey may be stalling Kurds on purpose: Analyst


Turkey may be intentionally stalling the movement of Kurdish fighters into Syria to help fight back an offensive by the Takfiri ISIL terrorists on the Syrian town of Kobani, an analyst tells Press TV.

“Turkey knew the Kurds had to get in very quickly and there could be a stalling game here,” Jim W. Dean, the managing editor of Veteran’s Today, said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

“They could drag this out for a week, two weeks,” he added, stating that Turkey actually said they had the “intention” of letting the fighters in but had to ‘work out the details.’

The remark comes as the United States has welcomed Turkey’s decision to allow Kurdish fighters to cross the border into Syria to help defend the besieged border town of Kobani.

A US official said the entrance of well-trained fighters into Kobani could give a major boost to the Kurds currently defending the flashpoint city.

Dean went on to say, “The key thing is that Kobani not only needs fighters, but they also need weapons. I’ve not seen a single soldier with an RPG; I haven’t seen one with a sniper scope yet. And these are things that are absolutely necessary.”

The Pentagon admitted on Wednesday that the ISIL terrorists had captured a bundle of US weapons airdropped in the Syrian border town of Kobani earlier this week.

The US military had dropped 28 bundles filled with grenades, mortar rounds and other supplies in the area, which were intended for Kurdish fighters.

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