Exc- Video – The SPECIAL dialogue between Syrian President and Turkish FM

A striking columns of Yenimesaj Newspaper columnist Sebahattin Önkibar revealed the dialogue between Syrian President and Turkish FM special meeting on 9 August.

When Davutoglu went to Syria as the special envoy of Tayyip Erdogan he said to the Esad:”change the regime, accept a secular and multiple party system” and added “US and Obama want this” at this time Esad continued to listening Davutoglu… Davuoglu said:” declare a general amnesty immediately, serve your mines to the foreigners, accept the international arbitration, look US and Obama so insistent on this topics” while Assad continued his silence Davutoglu said:” Cut yor ties with Iran, Cut your support to Lebanese Shiites, evacuate Golan Hights and make peace with israel, these are the US and Prime Minister advices.” then Assad couldn’t stpp himself anymore and said:” are you the envoy of US or foreign Minister of Turkey? You said you have message from your Prime Minister but u are always saying commands of US and Obama.”
This dialogue reminds the Assad words for the envoy of opposition party chp headed by faruk lologlu:”The ones comig from Turkey behaving like the speaker of Obama. Obama wants this, Obama wants that. US has embassy in Damascus and they say these ones but so sad to hear the same words from our Turkish brothers”

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