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EXCL- Is USA preparing another Chemical attack on Syria to create another 9/11?

Where do they know? Because it is THE WHITE HOUSE that will definitely use that chemicals to create another 9/11 in order to have excuses for an open dirty war on Syria to save their terrorists whom are about to be finished. Where, when and whom did USA learn this attack? Why should Syrian government use this chemical during a time when Syrian Army is victorious while they did not use even during the most hard time of the battle? Why should Syrian Army try to prove himself to be in the wrong place against the whole world? Why should Syrian Government act like a fool by strenghtening the hands of enemies of Syria?

Who will benefit from any chemical attack in Syria? Are not they the terrorists, Israel, USA, and others who want to occupy Syria the ones who will benefit from any chemical attacks? Why does USA put emphasize on Syrian Government instead of ISIL terrorists? Can you imagine how greateful ISIL is to USA for this statement?



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