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EXCL VIDEO- Nasrallah the Lion of Middle East, Hezbollah the honour of all Muslims and oppressed People

Nasrallah the Lion of Middle East, Hezbollah the honour of all Muslims and oppressed People

The only army who defeated Israel in this world!
The LION of Middle East!
The honour of all Muslims!
We know the front of those who are uneasy of Hezbollah.
There were many people who took or were forced to take the name of Hezbollah proudly until the war on Syria started.
From then the name of mazhabs were put in front of the countries, armies, and presidents. Shitee Maliki, Alawe Assad, Shia Hezbollah…
Now they have found the opportunity to reveal their enmity of sectarianism. Slanders were put in place of the forced, hidden pain in the past.Thereby, Hezbollah has been called as Shia.
Now we are continuing our analysis with the language of Takfirists.
The Shia Hezbollah who has supported Sunni Islamic Jeehad, Sunni Hamas of Sunni Palestine in all areas for years.
Alawite Assad who had supported, protected Sunni Hamas and let them wander in Syria without passport untill 2010 despite all pressures. Alawite Assad.
While Shia Iran was giving billion of dollars to Sunni Palestine, the Wahhaby Saudi was helping Israel.
They put a note in Shia Nasrallah’s hand during a rally written on it: “Your son, Mohammad Hade was martyred during a clash against Israel for the sake of Al-Quds.”
That shia Nasrallah said :” Allah granted me with as a father of martyr now, I was ashamed and couldn’t save my face in front of you yesterday, but let me be one of you now. We do not keep our sons for future while we are the leaders of Hezbollah, on the contrary we are proud of their martyrdom.”
You did not mishear… Shia Nasrallah sacrificed his son on path of Sunni Palestine.
Nasrallah did not say ‘One Minute’! Nasrallah did not send his son for trade with Israel! Nasrallah does not buy merchant ships for his son! But Nasrallah sent his son to front and sent him to martyrdom.
Well, why is Hezbollah in Syria?
The open reason why Hezbollah a headache of Israel in Syria is the stance of Hezbollah against Zionist Regime.
Iran is the center of the Resistance that is why Iran is the archenemy of Israel. Alright, What is happening in Syria? The major difference between Syrian and other Arab regimes is the firm stance of Syria’s being the only Arab regime against Imperialism and Zionism.
There is no any sectarian problems across the country. There are 30 parliamentarian members in the cabinet of whom 27 Sunnis, 2 Alawetis and 1 Christian. The country that did not accept Camp David which is the guarantee for zionism. Syria is the most important chain that enables military and financial supports to Palestine.
Syria is the country that does not make its own lands for a present to Imperialists, Ziionists just like the Arab regimes have been doing. Syria is the land of Assad. The country that Hamas mentioned as :”We have Syria to thank for our everything”
For these reasons, Syria was an open target. The country had to be destabilized. The opposition had to be armed and supported. But there wasn’t such an opposition, so an opposition from outside had to be exported to Syria.
Saudi Arabia sent the sentenced to death people to Syria as their freedom. A lot of rapists, thieves, psycho, monsters and all filthy people were entered to Syria under the name of Islamic State. Suicide bombs targeting hospitals, beheading the captives, trading, raping the widow women and fatherless girls. Attacking to the tombs of grandsons of Prophet (pbuh), the destruction of the tombs of companions of Prophet (pbuh).
When the real aim (to ensure peace for Israel) of these takfirists were declared openly, Hezbollah entered Syria. The burning of Palestinian flags by takfirists put forth the real aim of this filthy movement.
The baby killers takfirists who have not shot even a single bullet to Israel were perished by the entrance of Hezbollah to Syria.
In fact, Hezbollah defeated Israel in Syria. All sinister, vicious plots of Imperialism and Zionism again.
Israel set work for another plan while Hezbollah was fighting in Syria with the opinion that Hezbollah would not fight against Israel in that position…Israel said that Hezbollah would not show the power and dare to attack me while he is at war against takfirists in Syria.
Israel put into practice their filthy plan cowardly by martyring Jeehad Mughniyah and 6 other Hezbollah commanders. The Zionism thought that Hezbollah could not dare to encounter. Even some takfirist writers in Turkey became happy and wrote that Hezbollah could not hit Israel… The takfiri writers working with zionism in Turkey went further by alleging “Hezbollah and Israel are working together”.
These stupid writers, thinkers were holding Hezbollah flags during the war of Hezbollah against Israel in 2006.
18th January of 2015 at the midday on Wednesday, Hezbollah sent a high ranking Israeli commander with other 18 Israeli soldiers to hell and Israel was defeated again.
Not only Israel was defeated in this attack but also, Saudi, Qatari, Bahraini Governments were defeated, too. DAESH (ISIL), Nusra, FSA, Friends of Syrian Opposition, FSA all were defeated by HEZBOLLAH!
While Hezbollah presented the stance of Haidar Karrar once more the Zionism and their puppets were left empty handed. Hezbollah rejoiced Islamic Ummah and this victory against Israel was celebrated by Palestinians with Hezbollah flags in hands.
Turkish media published the words but nothing else ‘One minute’ show again and again, did not give the victory of Hezbollah on the Tv channels. Hezbollah does not only speak; when he speaks it is too late for the zionists.
The Ummah is proud of you, Oh! HEZBOLLAH!!! The anti imperialists and anti zionists are congratulating you.
Peace be upon the LIONS of Walayat-e Faqeh!
Let’s finish our words with the famous word of Hezbollah: “Wait for us israel the place you wait; and wait for us israel the place that you do not wait.”

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