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Exclusive Archive About Turkey’s Tunceli Dersim Genocide in 1937

The oppressors of the time didn’t even accepted the last wish of Sayyed Reza. While Sayyed Reza was being taken to gallowses he said: ” Hang me before my son.” but they hanged his son before him.
seyyidrizaninogluWherever it is digged there are many bones belong to the even children during the mass execution, genocide of Dersim in 1937. The picture below which is taken from Turkish media says: There are mass graves everywhere in Dersim after the execution of thousands of people brutally. Mass graves have been found in Alancık Village where many bones of people were found including the children’ ones.


Written on the photo- The history of the photo: While 217 people of Halvori Village were taken to death on 14 August in 1938.

The oppressed people of  Dersim were gathered in the cave and killed by poisoned gas…

magara-dersimThe command of Dersim Genocide was given by Ataturk. We give the original document about the approval of the massacre by Ataturk. This document is held (as it can be seen on the top of the document) The Archive of Republic of Turkish Government House. In the document it is written about the preparation fro attack to Dersim People of Turkey’s Tunceli city.


Shocking confession by the soldier who took place in the Dersim massacre: “The commander said the bullets are expensive and we started to hit women, children by rifle butts but then the rifle butts were damaged and we decided to hit them with oak wood. We killed 10 years old children by hitting them with those oak wood. asker-itiraf


The judgement on Dersim Massacre:
“It is the cabinet decree about the operation towards the Tunceli in 1937.”

Decree 4 May 1937
Head Procuration Directorate

Decree: It has been reached to this decision by investigation of Ataturk and the Marshalls about the recent developments in Tunceli.

1. The forces gathered for operation will reach to the fronts of Nazımiye, Keçizeken (Aşağı Bor), Sin, Karaoğlan with the full force and very buring.

2. The people of the region where there are revolution will be transfered to another place. There will be raids to the villages and the guns of people will be collected and transfered. The Government decided the transfer of 2000 people for the time being.

Remark: If it is acted just for the operation, the rebellion places will stay forever thats why it is a requirement to evacuate all villages and destroy them completely, those who used guns must be deactivated forever and the families must be transfered.

Note: It is seen and understood that it will take time for the arrival, some drills, their rest of forces from Malatya and Ankara in addition to this the forces that will come from Diyarbakır show the operation can be start on 12 May.

Note: It is necessary to use people of the opeartion region(Tunceli) as much as possible without having mercy for money.

‘True Copy of the Original’

Source: The rebellions in Turkish Republic. Reşat Hallı, General Staff Publication.

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