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Exclusive: Turkish People Disregarded once again the demonstration call by the Enemies of Syria

EXCLUSIVE11Hundreds of NGO’s and famous writers in Turkey days before launched demonstrations call dubbed “Solidarity days with Syrian People” for all over the country. Those NGO’s and Writers claimed that so called “Free Syrian Army” is fighting for freedom of Syrian people and President al-Assad is a dictator. Those NGO’s, writers and their powerful media sources broadcast against the Syria regime since the unrest began 2 years ago in Syria. But Turkish people have disregarded their claims and demonstration calls once again. Those who invite people were more than the participants in the rallies. Altough visual and written media tried to direct Turkish people to attend the demonstrations, Turkish people proved that they are not support the foreign-backed terrorists actions in Syria. And “Enemies of Syria” remained alone once again in Turkey.
If organizers’ claim is true, four thousands of people participated their biggest demonstration was held in Istanbul , which has a population as much as Syria. That number corresponds to NGO’S workers and organizers’ teams. It reveals that they’re away from the Turkish people and lack of Turkish people support. Moreover number of the participants in other cities were not more a dozen and they were from the marginalized groups. They hide behind the huge banners to show as if they had been more crowded. Furthermore in some Turkish provinces they could not even organize a small demonstration.
Some pictures about those demonstrations were away from Turkish people presented to your attention as follows:

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