Exclusive:Tlass Family Follows Khaddam’s..Zionist Relations of Billionaire Sister Nahida

Unsurprising was the departure of the unfaithful Colonel Manaf Tlass probably to Paris among those who know him as well as the parties of the Syrian regime. This is due to being excluded from his military missions as the leader of Group 105 in the Presidential Guard since a way long duration. All of his family members departed Syria as well: his father Colonel Mostafa Tlass (the head of the Ministry of Defense for 30 years), his brother Firas (the businessman who transferred his work to Dubai, his wife Tala (who left the school she was directing), and his sons.

Reportedly, the dispute between him and the president started when he failed to mediate between the government and the militias in the Rastan, Homs, to where the roots of his family are related. It is also reported that Tlass refused encountering the militias in Baba Amro, and he resented the President’s disapproval to his demand of promotion. And then he left Syria, actually since the beginning of April, noting that the Syrian authorities were aware of that.

Other stories mentioned that both the French and the Israeli intelligence were involved in “smuggling” him. The French role was clear since the French Foreign Minister boastfully announced Tlass’s dissent in the recent conference for the Friends of Syria in Paris asserting that he is coming to France… yet the Israeli role might be surprising and excluded because Colonel Manaf (the friend of President Assad since childhood), as well as his father General Mostafa Tlass (the companion of late President Hafez Assad) belong to a family who was a major part in establishing the modern Syria; which represents the stronghold of the resistance to the western Zionist plan in the region.

This is what is known in public… and just for those who still don’t know Manaf’s sister, the diplomatic figure in the family… Yet when they know her, they must be aware of what is being prepared under the table!
She is Mrs. Nahida Tlass ‘Ojja, the well-known billionaire from all the French classy people, as well as political, cultural, artistic, and scientific figures. She has been living in France since the 1980s, when her husband, the Saudi-Syrian billionaire died after he gathered his wealth from selling French weapons to Al-Saud’s country, gaining a commission of about 7% as was known in public.

At the same time, Mrs. ‘Ojja is among the “vaguest personas” as described by the French daily “Le Monde”, despite hosting most of the “eminent” French media members, on the levels of television, journalism, and others…
Nahida, born in Aleppo in 1959, was once the news of the hour among the French media, especially in the “Libération” newspaper, when she was the paramour of the French Foreign Minister “Roland Dumas” during the governance of President François Mitterand. The couple faced a heavy scandal concerning her contribute to fund his parliamentary candidacy campaign in his province. On Dumas’s side, he accused the weapons lobby, as well as the American-Zionist lobby for fabricating such accusations due to his trends in his foreign policies in which he aimed at being closer to the Arabs, especially when he motivated the French President to welcome the President of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat, in the Elysée Palace.

She also caught the media’s lights by her “fanciful” dinner parties to which she invites the most majestic French and European personas such as: Dominique de Villepin who celebrated his 50th birthday on her table, and Nicolas Sarkouzy who was used to visit her before he became a president…

Not to mention, French media outlets were also concerned with her “charitable” generosity on the fancy Parisian clubs under her pretext of loving the French culture and arts such as the Louvre Museum, the échecs club, and the friends’ assembly… she was also known as the “protector” of such institutions which she granted hundreds of thousands Euros.
This led the observers of her deeds to raise an important question that: why isn’t she such generous with the Palestinian cause… or even with the poor people in her country?

All of what we mentioned previously seems secondary in this article. Perhaps Mrs. ‘Ojja was building close relationships in order to benefit her country. It is noteworthy that she carries a diplomatic Syrian passport…

…But what if we knew that Mrs. Nahida, the daughter of the man who served as a Minister of Defense along thirty years in the country that was able to resist the American-Western power and the Zionist colonialism, is closely related to the prophets of Zionism in France and the supporters of its entity?

She started with love, and continued with friendship and exchanging opinions, until she reached the mutual business…
“Le Monde” mentioned in an article published in November 2006 that Mrs. ‘Ojja had loved the French Jewish informative Franz-Olivier Giesbert (according to wikipedia) for four years during the 1990s. Giesbert, working as the chief and the author of the introduction of the “Le Point” magazine, vowed his words to defend the Zionist entity. He contributes to the campaign of Demonization of Iran, especially the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for saying that it is a must that the Zionist entity will vanish one day.

Later on, she chose another Jewish person, who also supports the Zionist entity, to be her adviser concerning the Middle Eastern affairs. He is the Masonic journalist and author Alexander Adler who shifted from the Left party to the pro-Bush Atlantic policy. He was also the vice-president of the CRIF, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France.

She later chose another Jewish novelist from Boulogne origins this time.He was Mark Hatler, the Zionist peace-claimer who is well-known for writing lies (even about escaping from the Holocaust to be its sponsor and sponsored by it) so that she opened the Damascene doors in front of him, mainly on-board her personal plane directly to the presidential palace. He, in person, met the Syrian President in 2007! (Source: Rue 89). He also met during his visit the Mufti of Damascus, and the wife of Michel Kilo, the Syrian imprisoned antagonist at that time, which also opened another door for kilo’s Zionist relationships.

He was always repeating that: “The Syrian President must be rescued from his Persian tendency.
Although most of the Jews in Paris are anti-Zionism, Mrs. ‘Ojja’s surrounding is crowded with Zionists. She is a friend of “Nurbir Billat”, a TV informative who was born in Algeria during the French occupation, and Pual-Le Solitzaire, a Roman novelist. She also knows Dominique Straus-Kahn, the former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, and the present wanted by justice.

The worst among all what was mentioned, according to the “Le Monde”, is that Mrs. Nahida had asked to meet the Israeli President Shimon Peres, and did so, but still the settings are unknown. But the daily mentioned that she was so generous in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. It is a hospital established by a number of Zionist women since 1912; with the beginning of Zionist settlement. It is noteworthy that this hospital received the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon upon his 2006 coma. She also says that she grants money to the Pasteur-Weizmann Institution which represents the scientific participation between the French Medical Institution and its Israeli counterpart.

But after knowing all what is mentioned above, why do we exclude the Israeli intelligence role in Manaf’s departure from Syria?

There is no doubt that those information (about this woman that was supposed to serve, along with her family, and using her money and relationships, the just cases in her nation) aren’t but what appear on the surface, and what is still hiding is much more important. Perhaps she fell in the Zionist trap instead, or chose to be in such position.
It is certain that what is still hidden will not reveal but a simple role of the Israeli intelligence role in Manaf’s departure from Syria.

Today, some of the rich Syrian Families gather in the French capital to rewrite the future of Syria. Those families are the most of whoever got benefits from the Assad’s regime. But from the introduction, this future doesn’t seem but having the Zionist tendency…

Thanks Allah (CC) that those families don’t have enough abilities to change this future!

Translated by: Zeinab Abdallah

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