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Fajir 5 the Beginning, No Place for Current Truce

Not long ago, the current “Israeli” Slaughterer President Shimon Perez hoped that the sea swallows Gaza and its people. But once again the besieged strip proves to be the graveyard of “Israeli” soldiers and hopes.

4 years on the failing Zionist Cast Lead Operation on Gaza, “Israel” sinks deep into the strip’s quick sand and its clouds veils any ray of hope for both “Israel’s” military and political leadership.
On Wednesday, “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the launch of the wide “Pillar of Cloud” aggression against Gaza. However, with time, “Israel” discovered that its miscalculations in Gaza are just a duplicate of their failures in 2008 assault on the strip and 2006 defeat in Lebanon.

Once again, history is written by the resistance: The proud Iron Dome falls in the trap of Iranian made rockets.

Various “Israeli” Goals:
In an attempt to uncover some of the military and political aspects of “Israel’s” continuous offensive as well as the Palestinian resistance surprises, moqawama.org interviewed the Islamic Jihad representative in Lebanon Abu Imad Rifai.

According to Rifai, the “Israeli” goals ranged from political calculations to those linked to the regional map.
“Along years, the Palestinian blood and deaths were the major factors for “Israeli” candidates’ success in any elections,” he said.
In parallel, the Palestinian official noted to the Arab and regional crises, which the Zionist entity exploits to avenge from Gaza and its resistance.
Rifai highlighted: “”Israel” seeks to test Egypt the Revolution and its responses to the assault.”

He further referred to “Israeli” military official’s announcement that “Tel Aviv seeks to restore some of its deterrence prestige in face of Gaza resistant factions, which were able to rip it.”

Surprises to Shake “Israel”

However, Rifai confirmed: “Israel” will never achieve any of its goals or impose its condition through the Pillar of Clouds or any other aggression.
“We have one choice i.e. resistance and determination to achieve victory and protect our land and sanctities,” he added.

On the Palestinian resistance surprises and particularly the Islamic Jihad Fajir 5 missile that hit Tel Avi, the party’s representative vowed that “the coming surprises are unprecedented.”

“This is only the beginning. “Israel” must acknowledge and be aware of the heavy prices of the coming resistance surprises,” he warned.
In parallel, Rifai pledged that “Gaza’s insistence on victory will turn it to burial ground for Zionist aggressors.”

He expressed confidence in the resistance abilities to confront “Israel” despite the limited capabilities and the siege’s repercussions.

“Gaza will drag “Israel” into the existential abyss,” the Palestinian official vowed, and pointed out “”Israel” began to taste the bitterness of defeat with the expansion of resistance rocket shelling deep into Tel Aviv, al-Quds, and Zionist settlements.”
According to Rifai, the pictures of “Israeli” military and political leaders rushing into shelters due to Palestinian rockets reflected their inability and thrashing.
“As “Israel” is governed by fear, it is no longer able to tower its pillar of smoke into cloud as it promised,” he said.

The Islamic Jihad representative also clarified that “the resistance in Gaza is repeating the 2006 Lebanese victory; thus, making “Israel” retreat its announced goals.”
“A current “Israeli” defeat in Gaza, after 2008 and 2006 defeats in the strip and South Lebanon, will make “Israel” believe that it has no place for its oppressing entity in our region,” Rifai iterated.

Ready for Ground Invasion, No place for Truce

Regarding the “Israeli” threats of military invasion and more massacres, the official reminded: “On 2008, “Israel” played all its bloody cards against our people. However, our will conquered their massacres and military superiority.”

He further mentioned: “During the Cast Lead Operation, the toppled Egyptian regime stood against the resistance. Today, the circumstances are different.”
“”Israeli” leaders are fully aware that any ground invasion will have its heavy cost on the entity,” Rifai said.

On the talk about truce, the Palestinian official stressed that “such a request from the visiting Egyptian Prime Minister is surprising in its timing especially that “Israel” is escalating its aggression against the strip.”

“The period urges Arabs and Muslim leaders and people to support and defend the Palestinian people rather than ask for truce,” Rifai concluded.

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