False Flag Chemical Weapons Charades In Syria

False Flag Chemical Weapons Charades In Syria

Once again the mediators of public deception – Washington’s culture of corruption – are busily trying to fabricate non-existent chemical weapons to drag the U.S. into another Middle Eastern quagmire, only this time instead of Iraq being the purveyors of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) – which were actually destroyed in 1993 – the liars in Washington are baiting us to war with Syria…
Author : Bill Lindner
But if you look at U.S. foreign policy over the past 10 plus years since the appointment of George W. Bush to the Presidency in 2000, you find the U.S. really has no leg to stand on when it comes to chemical weapons (link:

Controversy over Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles has been around since 2003 when Syria refused to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention, but the charades we’re witnessing today over the alleged use of chemical weapons by Bashir al-Assad’s regime are pure propaganda designed to goad the U.S. into supporting an invasion of Syria. For his part, President Obama has been waging a proxy war in Syria and importing death squads passed off as freedom fighters since early 2011 (link: so the lies about Syria’s government using chemical weapons are not surprising.

Unsurprisingly, neither Israel nor Egypt – the world’s two largest recipients of U.S. military aid – are party to the Chemical Weapons Convention either, but Washington has never called on either country to disarm their chemical weapons arsenals let alone threatened sanctions against them. Washington’s hypocrisy is running rampant and history is once again repeating itself as Washington’s war hawks are busily fabricating lies, aided by false flags carried out by U.S.-sponsored terrorists to justify invading Syria.

Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda – the pusillanimous U.S. press corps – keep feeding us dire news out of the Middle East with allegations of chemical weapons being used in Syria, resulting in Washington’s war hawks campaigning for direct U.S. military intervention (link:, but U.S. Government officials are themselves acknowledging that there is no solid evidence of chemical weapons being used at all. There was never any solid evidence that Iraq had WMDs either, and this time around, the U.S. public is justifiably very skeptical of the bogus claims.


The only thing real evidence reveals is that the U.S. is desperately seeking any excuse to start another illegal war in Syria that will cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. When the U.S. grows desperate in its quest for perpetual war in the Middle East, it begins bogusly claiming that “humanitarian intervention” is needed, regardless of the truth. When you look at America’s previous adventures in “humanitarian intervention,” the pattern of deception becomes quite clear.

Given the Syrian Government’s knowledge that using chemical weapons would prove disastrous (link:, it’s more likely that the U.S.-sponsored terrorists operating in Syria (link: used chemical weapons themselves to try and frame the Syrian Government, but that hasn’t stopped the war hawks in Washington from spreading their lies (link: to further their illicit agendas. Consequently it is imperative to remember the Bush cabal’s propaganda campaign used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, and to remember that for Washington’s culture of corruption, the practice of creating phony “intelligence” – using false flags – is standard operating procedure.

The man who purposely lied for the Bush cabal and claimed Iraq had WMDs was known as “curveball” (link: He was an Iraqi defector whose lies cost more than a million Iraqis their lives and U.S. taxpayers more than a trillion dollars for Bush’s illegal war. This time around, the country and the name of the liars have changed, but U.S. Intelligence is still trying to fabricate something to show that Syria is using chemical weapons against their citizens. We can’t afford – financially or morally – to be lied into another illegal war in the Middle East to codify America’s Military-Industrial complex.


A few of the U.S. Government’s more corrupt allies are trying to make it appear that Assad is using chemical weapons (link: but all the available evidence makes it appear that the U.S. Government is colluding with its allies and their desperations is growing (link: In fact, recently America’s most corrupt ally – Israel, its partner in crime (link: – illegally attacked (again) Syria (link:, revealing their “policies of aggression” towards making sure the U.S. gets dragged into another illegal quagmire in the Middle East on their behalf. There are mountains of evidence (link: which reveals that the U.S.-sanctioned terrorists (link: purporting to be rebels in Syria are actually guilty of using the chemical weapons against Assad’s regime.

A suspected chemical weapons attack near Aleppo on March 19 resulted in the Syrian Government asking the United Nations (UN) to investigate after witnesses reported smelling chlorine, leading to speculation that a rebel-led attack occurred. As of the end of April, references to everything related to chemical weapons being used in Syria was pure conjecture. Claims of chemical weapons used by Syria made by the U.S. Government are highly suspicious and should be regarded as such – especially when the claims are made by Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda – as references by the U.S. to the chemical weapons used in Aleppo have all the earmarks of a false flag attack (link: and revealed the U.S. Government’s accusations to be false.

Syria is the perfect example of Washington’s double standards and hypocrisy on terrorism. The Obama administration is using Al-Qaida – aided by Israel and Saudi Arabia (link: – against the Syrian government to implement regime change in Syria as preparation for attacking Iran. The fact is that because of the illicit actions of the U.S. government and its allies in Syria, the chaos, deaths of innocent civilians, and violence in Syria has escalated (link:, the acts of terrorism in Syria by the U.S. has caused Syria’s war to get even dirtier (link:, and the Obama administration is blatantly lying (link: about the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.


The CIA – once referred to as the “biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan” (link: – oftentimes with help from Mossad, is the world’s largest perpetrator of terrorism so it is no coincidence that they are currently backing Islamist forces to try and remove Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and his government (link: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Turkey are all colluding with the CIA to purchase and transport weapons to Al-Qaida while Washington sits and spins its fairy tale to the U.S. public. While the CIA is leading terrorists in Syria in its attempt to overthrow Assad’s regime, U.S. troops are being staged in Jordan to defend Al-Qaida – the very same terrorists they’ve spent the last decade allegedly fighting against in the “War on Terror” (link:

It is imperative to recognize the cavalier claims of chemical weapons use in Washington’s false flag chemical weapons charades in Syria for what they are before to avoid Washington’s desired endgame (link: Because Syria’s forces are defeating the U.S.-sponsored terrorists being passed off as rebels, Obama is in no position to be demanding anything from Syria at the moment. Obama is trying to broker a “peace” deal with Assad, but in Washington, such deals are often nothing more than ruses for war, and Obama has already announced that Assad’s regime is over.

With Syria, Washington is risking regional war that could essentially include Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China so the fate of an already war-torn Middle East is hanging in the balance so it is also imperative to remember what happened when the Bush cabal illegally invaded Iraq to destroy non-existent WMDs. Do we really need another illegal war in the Middle East based on lies?

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