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Families of victims of Mina tragedy take complaints with Leader of Islamic Ummah



Families of victims of Mina tragedy took their complaints with the Supreme Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei against Saudi government seeking compensation for their loved ones.

Several hundered Iranian Hajj pilgrims were martyred due to negligence of the Saudi government in the course of Hajj pilgrimage last year.

Iran invoked substantive International Law about Responsibility of Governments passed by the International Law Commission (ILC) of the United Nations in 2001 holding the governments responsible for the death of foreign nationals inside the countries.

Families of the victims of the Mina tragedy have taken legal action with Iranian courts of Justice against the Saudi government to seek compensation in line with Universal Jurisdiction, the other substantive law governing relationships of member states of the United Nations.

They demanded the Iranian justice system to take their complaints to the International Arbitration Court in The Hague to oblige the Saudi government to pay compensation to the families.

After lapse of one year, they took their complaints with the Supreme Leader to speed up the legal proceedings against the Saudi government.

Foreign Ministry said that it has conveyed the complaints of Iranian families seeking compensation from Saudi government to the kingdom waiting for arrangements to be made by the Saudis to pay blood-money for families of the victims.

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