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Family of Child Sari Holds U.S-backed Terrorists and Their Advocate al-Jazeera TV Responsible for His Death

Family of the child Sari Saud stressed that their son was martyred at the hands of terrorist armed groups in Homs and al-Jazeera TV Channel, advocate of terrorism, shares the responsibility for this heinous crime.

Al-Jazeera channel claimed that the Syrian Arab army opened fire on child Sari, causing his martyrdom in Bayyada neighborhood in Homs, a lie that was refuted by the nine-year old boy’s family.

Georgina Mtanious al-Jammal, Sari’s mother said “The terrorists are responsible for my son’s martyrdom…they targeted him while he was in front of a grocery store… Had the army been there, the terrorists would not have killed him because the army was protecting us from those terrorists,” Sari’s mother told the Syrian TV, adding that once the army moved out of the quarters, the terrorists began murdering people.

The martyr’s uncle, Sheikh Jamal al-Jammal, held al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya channels responsible for the crime, describing them as “channels of terrorism and misdirection that exploit the blood of children, and that the blood of Sari who was murdered by criminals and terrorist proves so.

“I say to Hamad and the Arab League that the blood of the children is on their hands and the hands of their children until Judgment Day,” al-Jammal said, calling for the most severe punishment against the criminals and traitors.

He went on to say that they exploited the blood of children to cause sedition, affirming that the Syrian people will remain united, adding “I say to Hamad who is providing them with weapons: enough!”

Al-Jammal went on to refute the allegations of al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, describing them as terrorist channels, demanding that the army enter the quarters, particularly Cairo Street and Bayyada neighborhood to get rid of the criminals and terrorists who wreaked havoc all over the place.

He prayed to God to have mercy on the souls of all of Syria’s martyrs, decrying the Istanbul Council and the Arab League who send money and weapons to murder Syria’s children.

Sari’s aunt said that she heard about her nephew’s death from TV channels, wondering how such channels received the news before Sari’s own family, adding that al-Jazeera’s anchor tried to stir religious tensions, describing their broadcast as “utter nasty lies… their attempt to stir religious tension constitutes a sordid fabrication,” stressing that the Syrians with all their religious backgrounds, whether Muslims or Christians, are one and they constitute the national unity.

One of Sari’s relatives said that al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya are responsibly for Sari’s death and will be held accountable for it, demanding that they cease their vaunting of freedom because freedom cannot be achieved through the murder of children and terrorist, saying “if they have no country and no religion, we do,” adding that those who murdered Sari aren’t Syrians and those in the west who vaunt freedom are the ones sending terrorists to Syria.

Another of Sari’s aunts called on Ahmad Ramadan, a member from Istanbul Council who said that “his heart was torn watching the touching scene on Sari” to come and withdraw the armed terrorist gangs from the streets and stop sending them weapons before making such statements, adding “even my baby knows that Syria knows that Syria is facing a conspiracy… they should be ashamed of themselves; all of those who have doctorates and don’t know that there’s a conspiracy while my daughter who’s in the first grade knows that!”

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